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BrainSculpt for the Individual

BrainSculpt's three-fold focus of Reducing Stress, Improving Mood, and Building Mental Resilience can be individually customized across the spectrum of mental health needs.

Whether you are dealing with general life stressors on your own, working with a mental health professional, closely connected to those in high stress, or a treating professional, BrainSculpt's resources can be tailor fit as an added component to your supportive resources

A Scaffolding of Support

We all need a scaffolding of support. No one resource is the total and complete solution, and as we actively build our supportive scaffolding, the pieces work together to make the whole of what is needed.

While BrainSculpt is not a crisis resource, a type of substitute for professional care, or a treatment for any type of physical or mental health condition, our goal is to provide a source of calming support that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

BrainSculpt has a unique ability to be a stress management tool during pivotal, non-crisis situations, such as:
-Before, during, and after treatment sessions
-Before, during, and after stressful moments
-When others or professional treatment are not accessible
-And in all the moments in-between

BrainSculpt for Mental Health

Whether you are dealing with life stressors on your own, or are working with a professional, BrainSculpt’s emphasis on strengthening the calming centers of the brain, improving mood, and building mental resilience can be tailor fit as an added component to your supportive resources.

BrainSculpt aims to support the treatment process by providing resources that can be used in real-time to keep the brain calm and relaxed so that you can more effectively engage in the treatment interventions crafted by your professional team. Through the narrative programs, we also provide tools and techniques to help manage stress in major life areas, all of which have a significant impact on overall mental health.

BrainSculpt for Physical Health

Much of strengthening our ability to improve physical health is psychological in nature.

We know that high levels of stress make us sick and that we should eat healthily, exercise, spend time outside, avoid harmful substances, get good sleep, etc. But being motivated to do these things is an entirely different animal. Add to that the psychological impact of injuries, major illness, and chronic pain, and it is evident why at times, we all struggle.

Modifying Stress is Pivotal in Managing Chronic Pain

Our bodies experience both primary pain and secondary pain, which can either amplify or diminish the primary pain, and we now know that meditation and mindfulness practices are pivotal in helping the brain learn different responses to both stress and pain.

BrainSculpt takes the power of mindfulness and meditative practices and syncs them with the power of tactile bilateral stimulation (TBS) to help reduce toxic stress, increase motivation for engagement in health promoting behaviors, and hone your ability to use your brain’s calming centers to manage chronic pain.

BrainSculpt for the Family

BrainSculpt can be supportive to the whole relational unit, not just one individualStress is dynamic and interactive, and we are influenced by both primary stress (our own stress) and secondary stress (the stress of those we love).

Caregivers face unique challenges as they strive to help those they love but have so little control. They often feel pulled in all directions, the target of conflict, and without support. In addition, stress can cascade through a relational system, quickly spreading from one person to another, acting to compound and intensify conflict. All individuals need resources to calm down their fight or flight so that things can run more smoothly within the relational unit

BrainSculpt for the Treating Professional

In regards to secondary stress, treatment providers are in a unique and often isolating position at the cross-roads of the physical and mental health needs of their patients.

BrainSculpt aims to be a scaffolding of support for helping professionals, providing resources that can provide stress relief on the go in the moment, and in all the spaces in between your other supportive resources. Whether it’s preparing for a treatment session, defusing work stress, accessing your gut intuition, staving off caregiver burnout, or managing the secondary stress we all experience, BrainSculpt strives to provide real-time, ongoing support to build your resilience so you can build up others.

BrainSculpt is Affordable

We all spend all sorts of money on things that help us manage our stress. Sometimes on helpful things, sometimes on unhelpful things, but we all spend it.

A Few Quick Comparisons

  • Average Monthly Cost of:
  • Gym membership - $58/month, $696/year
  • Rock gym - $85/month, $350-550/year
  • Smoking (a pack a day) - $188/month, $2,292/year
  • Eating out - $232/month (average american)
  • Average One-Time Cost of:
  • Spa day - $125-200
  • Gaming system - $700-$100
  • Massage - $60
  • Therapy session - $75-$100
  • Binge shopping spree - $92-$110
  • Vist with a psychiatrist - $100-200
  • Eating out - $12.75/meal

Stress Buying

The reality is that when we are stressed, we also spend more money as we tend to make poorer purchase decisions. Thus, actively managing your stress can actually save you money as you work towards decreasing impulse buys or those things that might produce short-term comfort but long-term conflict and additional stress. BrainSculpt is a comparatively affordable, supportive, and progressive resource to help you manage your stress.

BrainSculpt's Mission

Life is a storm for all of us, no one is immune to that, and the reality is that for most of us, the clouds are darkening. Let BrainSculpt help you through those moments, get you to a place of calm, improve mood, and build your mental resilience so you can soar through any storm life throws your way.

We invite you to invest with us in your resilience. Let’s build this together.

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