Supporting clients in the session

The fight or flight response is CORE to nearly every presenting concern

Clients need in-home, 24/7 support to calm the brain in real-time in order to carry out the interventions you crafted in session

There are 168 hours in a week, and we typically spend only ONE of those with our clients

The therapeutic room is not indicative of real life, clients need real-time support in the chaos of their lives.


 Supporting all family members

All family members need support, not just those in therapy. BrainSculpt can be a resource to those who cannot or will not attend therapy sessions but are pivotal to therapeutic change.

Innovate Your

EMDR Practice

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Pulsers can be used in the office, waiting room, or anywhere else



Customize length, speed, intensity, duration, and pauses. No more counting “sets”


Expand your EMDR practice by remote control access. Use with clients via telehealth


Automated, handless “butterfly hug” that clients can wear throughout the day

Synced With Meditations

In-app meditations synced with the TBS to build resourcing skills in between sessions