About Us


BrainSculpt utilizes the power of tactile bilateral stimulation (TBS), a series of non-invasive and soothing vibrations on each side of the body that helps the brain to naturally calm. TBS has been studied for over 30 years and has been verified to do the following: decrease fight or flight response, decrease sense of stress, enhance sense of calm and relaxation, enhance ability to recall and process memories.


BrainSculpt is the first automated technology that incorporates TBS with specific memory rewiring techniques to help intensify positive experiences and memories and neutralize negative ones. Patented pending CHIP technology (customizable haptic intervals and pauses) syncs the power of TBS with automated and self-paced programs to guide and direct you through this process. BrainSculpt is also the first automated technology that syncs TBS with the window of reconsolidation and the power of simultaneous dual awareness to put you in the driver’s seat of modifying memory associations.


Life is stressful. Everyone has negative experiences that have left lasting impressions. Combine this with the inherent negativity bias of the brain and the intensity and complexity of life and it makes sense that at times, we all struggle. However, the brain is incredibly resilient and is biologically primed to bounce back, let things go, and move on. When we tap into these innate capacities, it is remarkable what we can achieve. BrainSculpt is committed to providing you with cutting edge technology and resources that help you utilize the innate healing capacities of your brain. We aim to create a culture of healing and resilience that is innate, intuitive, autonomous, and always available.

Our Story


We are dealing with an epidemic of stress. Stress is making us sick, straining our relationships, distracting us at work, waking us up at night, making us yell at our kids, constantly gnawing at us, and decreasing our ability to experience joy and happiness. And everyday, the complexities of our lives intensify to add more stress.

We can’t just make stress “go away,” and telling yourself to not be stressed doesn’t help either. We don’t have time to become meditation or yoga experts. We need something that can stop stress in its tracks, quickly, easily, and on the go.

BrainSculpt provides an easy, intuitive stress extinguisher. It uses what is called tactile bilateral stimulation, or TBS, which is a series of small, comfortable vibrations on each side of the body that quickly and naturally calm the brain. TBS has been studied for more than 20 years and is a core element of some of the most effective treatments ever developed for trauma and anxiety and has been generalized to treat other conditions as well. BrainSculpt can be easily used anytime, anywhere to help reduce your stress and help optimize your functioning.

BrainSculpt Calm is our wearable device and app that helps you quickly calm the brain while on the go without having to do any mental exercises. BrainSculpt MindSpa is our software program designed to enhance positive memories and experiences, improve mood, and build mental resilience.

I’m Stacy Jones and I am the co-founder and co-developer of BrainSculpt. I am a marriage and family therapist who specializes in trauma. I developed BrainSculpt because I was blown away at the power of tactile bilateral stimulation or TBS to calm my clients in session, but knew they had no access to this on the home front. As a mental health provider, I understand the gaps in the mental health care system and that people need real-time, autonomous resources they can utilize at home.

To bridge these gaps, we created BrainSculpt. BrainSculpt is a progressive device and software program that has three aims: (1) calm the brain, (2) improve mood (3) and build mental resilience. BrainSculpt Calm is the wearable device and app focused on decreasing stress on the go, without having to do any mental exercises. BrainSculpt MindSpa is our app-based software package to enhance positive experiences and memories and improve mood. BrainSculpt MindSweep is our software program focused on neutralizing negative experiences. These programs work together to help build mental resilience.

My personal stance is that while there are a lot of things that are important to know how to do (like balancing a checkbook, cooking a healthy meal), there are some things that are essential, absolutely necessary.

In all the years of doing therapy, I found the number one thing that helps people the most is when we can simply learn to manage our stress response better. Add to that the ability to enhance positive experiences, neutralize negative ones, and build mental resilience, and we are equipped with tools to help us thrive in nearly any circumstance.

Life is a storm for all of us, no one is immune to that. And the reality is that for many of us, the clouds are darkening. Let BrainSculpt help you get you to a place of calm and relaxation, improve mood, and build your resilience so you can soar through any storm life throws your way. We invite you to invest with us in your resilience. Let’s build this together.