Stress Management Wearable to

Quickly Calm the Brain

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On the go stress relief for all ages
Uses science-proven Tactile Bilateral Stimulation (TBS), a meditation tool, to quickly and easily calm the brain
Designed to be worn in discrete places (ankles, calves, upper arms), while pulsers are designed to be quiet and non-disruptive. Wearable straps come in varying sizes to accommodate each person
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection for both IOS and Android
  • CHIP (Customizable Haptic Intervals and Pauses) for tailor fitted narrative programs.
  • Customizable – Save preferential settings (speed, intensity, duration) using the app or handheld device.
  • Easy & Intuitive – Pre-set mood specific settings
  • Additional Features – Timer, fade to sleep, battery conservation, and lost device location.
Guided meditations combined with wireless TBS – quickly able to reduce feeling of stress in just 2-5 minutes

BrainSculpt Calms The Brain

When the brain is calm, these things improve



Productivity & Focus

Physical Health



Verified by Science

Independent researchers have found that tactile bilateral stimulation (TBS) calms the brain by reducing cortisol, emotional stress, and the physiological symptoms of stress.
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BrainSculpt Calm is designed to calm the brain on the go
BrainSculpt is aimed to help strengthen the brain’s calming centers as it provides a means whereby you can spend significantly more time in a calmed and relaxed state
Fundamental change is a time factor. It’s about how often certain neurons fire together and wire together. Repetition and significant time logged in a mental state, task, or behavior are necessary to create desired changes
I’ve been really impressed with BrainSculpt, and I am learning to use the app to set the pulse intensity, speed and duration. I was skeptical at first as to whether they would work for me, but […]
David J. / Utah
Brain sculpt is my new found tool, because of how it makes my career of 29 years “as a therapist” so much easier. […]
Rod L. / Idaho
I use BrainSculpt to help me during mediation and to manage anxiety. I have found that it helps with relaxing my body and reducing my propensity to analyze my thoughts during meditation, tasks, or stressful moments. […]
Tiffany B.

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